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These web sites and organizations offer information about many issues facing Newton residents.


RightSize Needham Street

RightSize Riverside

Unite! West Newton

Oak Hill Neighborhood Association

Jackson Park Historic Homes Association

Newton Corner Association


INFORMATION ARCHIVE – some of this information may be out of date but you may find it useful.


Globe – Lowell should dismantle ‘majority rule’ system

The Charter Commission wants all of Newton’s councilors to be elected at-large (by the whole city). But that system has worked out very badly in Lowell.

Abutters’ Letter: Case Law against “Buffer Zones”

After Robert Korff amended his petition to include a “buffer zone” intended to nullify the abutters’ protest, the abutters submitted this letter to the Newton Legal Department. It cites judgments from other states against the use of “buffer zones.”

Does Ward Representation Make Sense for Newton

Data from America’s Best cities shows that 60% have ward representation. Plus similar data for Massachusetts cities.

Briefing Book 0 – Introduction

NBN Briefing Book — Main Issues and Table of Contents

Briefing Book 1 – Context

NBN Briefing Book 1 — The Context of Our Opposition

Briefing Book 2 – Resident Sentiment

NBN Briefing Book 2 — What Newton Residents Want

Briefing Book 3 – Housing

NBN Briefing Book 3 — Affordable Housing: Real Problem / Unreal Solution

Briefing Book 4 – Transportation

NBN Briefing Book 4 — Transportation: Private and Public

Briefing Book 5 – Fiscal Issues

NBN Briefing Book 5 — Fiscal Issues

Briefing Book 6 – Legal Issues

NBN Briefing Book 6 — Legal Issues

Briefing Book 7 – Historic District and Abutters

NBN Briefing Book 7 – Historic District and Abutters

Briefing Book 8 – Chemical Contamination

NBN Briefing Book 8 — Chemical Contamination

City Councilors — Contact Information

Names of the 2017 City Councilors with email and phone contact information.

Orr Block Impact on Parking

‘Washington Place’ Impact on Parking: Peter Bruce carefully analyzes the considerable negative impact that the Orr Block proposal (‘Washington Place’) will have on parking in Newtonville Center.

Transit-oriented Development

Transit-oriented Development: Not for Newtonville because we don’t have the requisite public transit capability. September 2016.


A Primer for 40B, the ‘Anti-Snob’ Law that doesn’t work — by Kathleen Kouril-Greiser and Julia Malakie — beginner’s guide to our State’s critically important ‘anti-snob’ housing law.

Editorial Commentary & Insights

Put a Temporary Hold on Zoning in Newton by Fred Arnstein. The Newton TAB, June 26, 2016

Negative Impacts of Newton’s Housing Strategy by Lynne LeBlanc. Wicked Local Newton, July 9, 2016.


Petition in opposition to the size and scale of the proposed Orr Block development (and the many Special Permit waivers required to build it). Click here to sign this petition.